Track your little one's development with our checklist at various ages and stages. Know what to expect and look out for at each stage from birth through 5 years old. Support your child's progress with activities tailored for their age.

Have you ever wondered, “What should my newborn be doing at 6 months?” Or, “What should my toddler know how to do at 2 years old and 5 years old?”

As parents, it can be tough to figure out what’s ‘normal’ and what needs extra attention when it comes to our children missing development milestones. To make things easier, we’ve created a child development checklist that covers the social/emotional, language/communication, movement/physical and cognitive milestones most children should reach at different ages. Check it out – it may help you feel more confident about your child’s progress!

Exploring Mates Singapore
Exploring Mates Singapore
4-8 Months
  • Not learning to make sounds
  • Not babbling
  • No response to name
  • No eye contact with caregivers and familiar people
Exploring Mates Singapore
Exploring Mates Singapore
8-12 Months
  • Not learning to eat solids
  • Not beginning to crawl, sit or pull to standing position
  • Not interested in holding toys
Exploring Mates Singapore
Exploring Mates Singapore
1-2 Years
  • No communication via words or actions/gestures
  • No desire to move around
  • Not responding to others
  • Not seeking attention of familiar people
Exploring Mates Singapore
Exploring Mates Singapore
  • No interest in play
  • Delayed gross motor skills
  • Difficulty in using small objects
  • Not interested in food
  • Lack of understanding of simple instructions
Exploring Mates Singapore
Exploring Mates Singapore
  • Difficulty in maintenance of fluency in speech
  • Not playing/no interest in play with other children
  • Unable to hold simple conversations
  • Completely not potty-trained

Some Of Our Success Stories

"Exploring Mates has provided us with some of the finest ABA therapists during our run from centre to centre. We specially want to thank them for accommodating to our needs even in the financial aspect.

As a parent of a child on the spectrum, I find that they are professional, friendly and always willing to provide their best for children with special needs during their sessions!"

Vinod, father of Aarav

"The team has been working with my child at home since 2015, working not only on his behavioral issues, but also social skills, communication challenges, literacy and numeracy. Their competency, knowledge, proficiency and reliability has vastly improved the challenges he’s facing over this difficult period. Thank you for helping and guiding us!"

Wan Chong, parent of Ruiyang

"We love to thank the team for the great ABA services provided to help and improve my son, Kishawn. He had great difficulty initially paying any attention while doing any table work. After undergoing ABA, he made significant improvement to focus continuously on his work with any breaks in attention. Children with autism normally have poor eye contact and difficulty with joint attention. The team clearly identified these issues and applied suitable techniques in dealing and improving them! The given advice have helped us a lot in facing difficult challenges."

Dilum, father of Kishawn

"Mya started therapy when she was 2 and half years old, and thanks to the team in building up her foundation, she has caught up with most of her developmental milestones. Mya has also grown from a non-verbal girl, to someone who can read very well and even add and subtract! We are very thankful to the team for their support and patience."

Myra, parent of Mya