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5 Ways to Encourage Scissor Skills

  • Exploring Mates
  • 15 Aug, 2020


Here are five easy peasy ideas to help your little one develop their scissor skills.

Work on their fine motor and get them to practice using their fingers for various activities. ( Threading, Lacing, Zipping, Folding/Tearing paper) Have plenty of practice with these activities before introducing them to a pair of scissors.

Find appropriately sized scissors to fit their hands. Small scissors will fit their tiny hands more comfortably. The scissors should also have a blunt tip instead of a sharp tip for a safer learning experience.

Prompt them to cut upwards by holding the paper at eye level or above eye level.

Use thick paper or even foam sheets to prevent flopping (making it easier for them to manipulate what they are cutting)

Always begin with short straight clearly marked strips before getting them to attempt the fancier shapes.